Denver property

Denver is known all over the world as “the mile high city” because it is situated approximately one mile above sea level, the only American city that can make that claim. Residents have no trouble breathing the thinner air at the city’s high altitude, but visitors often need a day or two to adjust to the climate.

There are many things to like about Denver. It has, on average, over 300 days of sunshine each year. As you might expect, it is a city that caters to outdoor lifestyles. Its residents are among the healthiest people in the United States, perhaps because they engage in such activities as hiking … mountain biking … rafting … fishing … camping … and much, much more.

Denver property

Rich in a cultural history that already spans more than 150 years – and counting, of course – Denver treats those who live there to invigorating fresh mountain air that works in tandem with its almost constant sunshine. It is also one of the very few cities in America that is able to blend a sophisticated metropolitan atmosphere with the stunning natural beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Denver, while it is a western city, is nevertheless entirely cosmopolitan. There are superb restaurants that serve the cuisines of countless nations and cultures, many fun things to do, an abundance of libraries and museums, live theater, and professional sports teams representing each of the major sports leagues in America – the NBA, the NHL, MLB and, of course, the NFL.

Denver also has the largest municipal park system of any city its size in the United States. Add it all up – Denver has a lot going for it. Perhaps that is why Denver property values remain consistently high even when prices for real estate are collapsing in many other parts of the country. It’s a fact. Denver property values have remained at their pre-recession levels over the last couple of years.

Clearly, people want to move here for the lifestyle. It is wonderful. And that, of course, helps to keep demand for Denver (real estate) property comfortably high, certainly above the current national average. The San Jose and San Antonio housing market are some of the other rare US metro areas to not have witnessed a real estate collapse over the past decade.

Importantly, there is plenty of quality property from private homes … condos … town homes and more which will fit every budget. Denver is the safest place in the US from a natural disaster standpoint. As a result homeowners insurance rates are the second lowest in the nation among large cities trailing only Indianapolis. There are also many different neighborhoods that reflect the home prices, from modest in-town areas to upper middle income suburban developments to posh gated communities. Denver property is available to those seeking any of a variety of amenities. The rental market is on par with other major metropolitan areas like Seattle, Boston, and Houston. You can expect to pay about $2000/Mo for a nice 2 bedroom apartment within walking distance of downtown.

Denver is a desirable location that attracts many people so is an ideal location for businesses to attract talent. Companies from small to medium to large, are moving here, as well. With so much going for it, you may wish to consider purchasing property in Denver. If you do, you’ll discover how good life can be and, in Denver’s case, how affordable it can be, as well.

Get started today. Go online and access one of more of Denver’s top realty companies. You don’t have to buy, but you can get a good idea of the properties available (including the amenities they provide) and the prices at which they are available. It could turn out to be a very pleasant surprise for you.