About Denver

can participate in solving a murder mystery while dining on a fantastic meal.

Most Americans have long believed that New York City (in particular, Manhattan) has always been “fun city.” Known as “The Big Apple” and “the city that never sleeps,” it has had a well-deserved reputation as a destination where fun and good times rule. There’s so much to do … so much to see that it’s easy to have fun.
However, New York City and its primary borough, Manhattan, are on the east coast, just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. There’s another fun city in America. And it’s located several hours to the west (by passenger airline). That city is Denver, of course.

About Denver

Denver is known as “the Mile High City” because its elevation. Being a full mile above sea level makes pilates particulary strenuous. It is nevertheless a great place for people who love indoor & outdoor lifestyles alike as well as truly memorable scenery. Denver’s population is a combination of urban sophisticates and down-home cowboy types. It has world-class restaurants where diners can sample all kinds of delicious cuisines. It also has enchanting dinner theaters where guests

Skiing is a primary pastime and Denver has outstanding resorts nearby in the scenic Rocky Mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hiking … mountain biking … rafting … fishing … camping … and much, much more. But you don’t have to be a fitness guy or gal to enjoy life in Denver. There is so much more to see, do and enjoy. For example:

Denver has a spectacular outdoor pedestrian mall. It covers an area of 16 blocks, all of which is off limits to vehicular traffic. That means No Cars! You can enjoy leisurely strolls through this urban wonderland … stop to shop or just to window-shop … enjoy a latte at an outdoor café … or drop in at one of the neighborhood’s fine restaurants for a world-class dinner. Want more?

Take a quick trip to Black Hawk. It’s a tiny city just outside of Denver, home to a couple hundred cowboys … and more casinos than you’ll find in Atlantic City. Lodging is available for overnight stays, fine dining, too.

You can even visit historic LoDo … enjoy live music at any one of scores of pubs and clubs … trek over to Denver’s finest neighborhood, Cherry Creek, for shopping and dining … even spend an hour or two on a guided tour at Denver’s U.S. Mint.

Obviously, there is no shortage of things to do in this western “fun city,” but the one fact that makes this a fun destination, more than any of its physical attractions, should be obvious. It’s people. The citizens of Denver will make you feel welcome from the first moment you arrive.

Many western cities are like that. Their citizens welcome you with open arms. Denver stands at or near the top of the list. This “fun city” wants you to feel as if you belong beginning the very fist day you get there. Enjoy the experience.